Patient Survey 2013 / 2014 Results

The results so far are shown below.

Total responses: 235

1Overall, how would you rate the availability of appointments at this practice?
     Very good118
     Don't know 10%
2In general when you have contacted the surgery to make an appointment how easy was it to get an appointment for the time you wanted?
     Very easy94
     Fairly easy123
     Not very easy 17
2 a)If you have selected 'Not very easy' please specify the time of day you requested?
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3Were you able to see the GP / Nurse you wanted to see?
     Did not want a specific GP / Nurse 57
3 a)If you selected 'No', who was the GP / Nurse that you wanted to see?
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4When did you last see a Doctor here at the Surgery?
     In the past 3 months159
     Between 3 and 6 months ago45
     6 months - 1 year ago26
     I have never been seen at my present GP surgery 4
5Think about the last time you tried to see a doctor fairly quickly. Were you able to see a doctor on the same day or in the next two working days that the GP Surgery was open?
     Do not know/never needed to 22
6If you weren't able to be seen during the next 2 working days that the GP Practice was open, why was that? (Please select all that apply)
     There weren't any appointments31
     Times offered didn't suit me13
     Appointment was with a Doctor who I Didn't want to see5
     The Nurse Practitioner was free but I wanted to see a Doctor4
     I wanted to see a particular Doctor10
     Can't remember 17
7Are you aware that we have a Nurse Practitioner who can see you for acute problems as well as long term disease management and can prescribe medication?
     No 28
8In future would you consider seeing our Nurse Practitioner if you could not get an appointment with a Doctor?
     No 10
9Are you aware that you can book an appointment up to 3 months ahead?
     No 108
10When booking an appointment, how easy do you find getting through to us on the telephone?
     Very easy169
     Difficult at certain times of the day61
     Not at all easy 10%
11If you need an urgent appointment, can you normally get one on the same day?
     Haven't tried recently 74
12In general how satisfied are you with the clinical care you get at the Surgery?
     Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied20%
     Quite satisfied8
     Very dissatisfied 10%
13How helpful do you find our receptionists at the Surgery?
     Not very20%
     Not at all 00%
14Would you recommend the Surgery to someone who has just moved to the local area?
     Not sure20%
     Probably not00%
     Definitely not 00%
15About You
Age Group
     under 1600%
     Over 90 00%
16Are you?
     Female 142
17Do you have any long term conditions?
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18What is the ethnic background with which you most identify?
     White British223
     White Irish10%
     Mixed White and Black Caribbean00%
     Mixed White and Black African00%
     Mixed White and Asian10%
     Asian Indian or British Indian10%
     Asian Pakistani or British Pakistani00%
     Black Caribbean or British Caribbean00%
     Black African or British African00%
     Any other background3
     Chinese 10%
19Please make any additional comments or suggestions...
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